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LeeAnne and her partner Dancer

LeeAnne and her partner Dancer.

The Sirius Method

I believe that dog training should be doable. That everyone in the family — grandparents to grandchildren, and everyone in between — should be capable of meaningful participation in the process. No one needs to be a jock or a genius, although it never hurts to be a little smarter than the dog.

Dog training should be fun for the dog and his trainers. This ensures that everyone will want to do homework, and learning will take place quickly.

Training should be effective and progress visible.

One of LeeAnne's students works at the school house.

Group Classes


Classes are limited to five families. This course consists of one-hour sessions for nine weeks, typically held in the evening.

My Services

Company Manners for the Family Dog

Dogs learn: coming when called; polite walking; how to pay attention, even in difficult or confusing circumstances; sit, down, stand and holding these poses; self-control, especially around food and very young, invalid or elderly people.

People learn: how to elicit good behavior from their dogs as well as to observe, mark and reinforce so that good behavior happens more and more frequently; techniques for transferring classroom skills to the real world; as much about the science of operant conditioning (clicker training) as they find interesting.

All necessary equipment is provided:
  • A detailed workbook with background science, working instructions, lesson plans and a homework schedule
  • An instructional DVD companion to the book
  • An 8-foot leather lead that is convertible into a harness
  • A safe Martingale collar
  • A whistle
  • An apron for treats to keep clothes clean and your pockets safe
  • Target stick
  • Long line: your life line! Keeps the dog safe while letting him feel free as he becomes capable of making good choices
  • A blue bag to keep everything together

Private Classes


Same curriculum and schedule as the group version. The main advantage is full time, complete attention from your instructor, making it easier to ask questions and make personal connections to the work. Many more confidence-building repeats of each behavior are possible.

If enrolled in private classes, it is vitally important that the student seeks out opportunities to socialize the dog as the class progresses. Otherwise the classroom "genius" can revert to being an untrained dog when suddenly exposed to the distractions of the real world.

Do It Yourself Kit


A possibility for shut-ins, people who don't drive, anyone whose schedule makes a commitment to a regular schedule impossible, and perfectionists who can not bear to take the dog out in public — even to a class — until he is well-behaved.

Local residents who purchase the kit are entitled to one free lesson in the Sirius school house for evaluation and help in getting started. Other private lessons are available for $25. Depending on enrollment, kit owners might be able to join a class in progress.

Additional Services

  • Private Behavioral Consultation
  • Getting Started in Dog Sports:
    AKC Conformation, Obedience and Rally
    $25 per Session
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification
  • Start Smart Puppy Socialization

What Clients Say About Sirius

Pat Einhouse with Libby and Betsy

Pat and Ed Einhouse with
Libby and Betsy

"Since moving from the country to the city, I walk the dogs twice a day on leash around the neighborhood. I have had numerous compliments and admiring comments from people during our walks. Recently, a man told me that he couldn’t believe that I could walk a big dog and a little dog at the same speed. He said that my dogs are so well-behaved and they actually look like they are smiling.  He said, there is a bounce in their walk. They are constantly watching you. All three of you are having fun."

- Pat

Bruce Fox with Morgan

Deborah Lanni and Bruce Fox
with Morgan and Red-Dog

"Red-Dog was adopted through Golden Retriever Rescue when he was about six years old. He wasn’t interested in toys or play — or even retrieving. I called him my broken retriever. Through clicker training, we discovered something we both had fun with. He enjoyed getting treats and learning the things I taught him, and I enjoyed the relationship that developed. He was a younger dog at twelve than at six: lively, curious, playful, interested in people and other dogs — and interesting!"

- Bruce

Carmen Gilman and Oliver

Carmen and Dick Gilman with Oliver

"You can't do more for yourself and for your dog than to find professional training — a well-mannered dog is a joy! We have obtained excellent training for our English Shepherd, Ollie (and two previous puppies), in a safe, happy, positive atmosphere from Sirius Dog Obedience School, owned and lovingly operated by LeeAnne Cogdill."

- Carmen


Dorothy Foigelman-Holland,
Robert Holland with Chi-co

"My heart's desire was to raise my Aussie so he could participate in everything and go everywhere. We have achieved that with training at Sirius. Chi-co does well in hotels, elevators, stores, new houses and even wins over the non-dog lovers in the world. Having a dog that comes when called makes it possible to take beautiful walks with dog friends. A huge thank you to LeeAnne."

- Dorothy

Joan Leopold with Tracker and Finn

Joan and George Leopold with Tracker and Finn

"We completed Company Manners classes at Sirius and worked with LeeAnne to learn the rudiments of AKC Rally and Obedience. When we moved to Florida and enrolled in a big program designed for competition, all our instructors were impressed with our understanding of the fundamentals and always called on us to demonstrate."

- Joan
Proud owner of Agape Stop'm In Their Tracks (Tracker) RAE, CGC, CL1-R, CL1-H and Country Style's Rhythm In Blue (Finn) CD, BN, RE, CGC

Laura and Tom Wurstner with Toby

Laura and Tom Wurstner with Toby

"How I wish I could go back and apologize to all of the dogs I had before I learned the magic of clicker training from LeeAnne at Sirius."

- Laura

Find Sirius

LeeAnne Cogdill, MA
The Sirius School House
5811 East Main Road (Route 20)
Brocton, NY

From the East

Fredonia, Dunkirk

Get to Route 20 heading West. Go five miles from the last stoplight leaving Fredonia. The cross street for that light is Chestnut on the right and Seymour on the left.

Look to your left as you get close. The main landmark is Boch's Wood Stoves. There is usually a painted truck on the front lawn, just like a billboard. Even if it's not there, signs and stacks of wood pellets make the place very visible.

There are about three houses after Boch's. My house is hiding behind an enormous hedge, and the driveway is a horseshoe going all the way behind and around. There is a light at each end. Drive around to the back to the School House.

From the West

Brocton, Westfield, Ripley

Get onto Route 20 heading East and look to your right as you go through the village. I am actually one house outside and east of the official Village of Brocton, 7/10ths of a mile from the famous arch, 1/2 mile beyond the convenience store, and 3/10ths mile from the corner where Highway 380 runs into Rt. 20.

You will need to turn before you pass the house. There is a large green and white Town of Portland sign right before you need to turn in, and a little red sign from the fire department that reads "5811" at the end of the drive.

You, too, need to drive around to the back and come down to the Sirius building.

Please note: persons who attempt to get here using only a GPS without consulting these directions end up at the wrong house, doors away. One of life's little mysteries.

About the Schoolhouse

The Sirius schoolhouse is probably the only structure in Chautauqua County built specifically for dog training. Thirty by forty feet of working space is more than adequate for five families and their dogs. The floor is fully matted on top of wood, safe for dogs and people: running, jumping and occasionally falling down.

One wall has five small runs and alcoves with tethers, so that owners can have free hands when desirable and can concentrate on the lesson without having to restrain their dogs. Dogs can see and smell one another and can socialize and interact when that is appropriate.

The training building is well off the road, in back of my big old brick house. It is small, white and brightly lit. There is a stockade gate and a little flight of stairs leading down to the building.

  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers - Full Member
  • AKC Star Puppy Program
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Program